Hanwang Technology Co., Ltd.
  • ContactGeorge Luo
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  • Address5121 Zhongguancun Software Park, Beijing City. China Jinhua,Zhejiang

Company Information

If you can not see the panorama view, please click to install microsoft JVM. Hanwang Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 1993, is a Chinese company, leading in the fields of research, development, and manufacturing of various intelligent pattern recognition technologies and products. We are headquartered in Beijing, China, and have over 500 employees working out of a 23,000-square meter facility. In recent years, Hanvon has been ranked as one of China''s top software companies, and is also recognized as the most potentially valuable software company in the country. Following a globalization strategy, we have set up a competitive system such as an efficient design and research network, a purchasing network, a manufacturing network and a sales and service network. Today, Hanvon owns a manufacturing campus, four advanced design centers, and over 5,800 sales channels across China. In 1984, the first computerized handwriting-input pen in the world was born in a research lab, which sparked the advent of Hanvon Technology. In the years since, the invention has been successfully commercialized by Hanvon scientists. From this unique technology, Hanvon widely expanded its production pipeline which includes the Hanvon pen series, the drawing tablet series, the OCR series and the intelligent telephone series. Hanvon is also the first company in the world to incorporate Chinese handwriting recognition technology into PDA and cell phone products. In China, Hanvon''s intelligent pattern recognition technology is believed to be best in its class. Hanvon has 86% of the overall market share of pattern recognition products, far surpassing its competitors. Hanvon is ranked No.1 and has monopolized the computer handwriting pen market. Hanvon also holds significant market share positions in drawing tablets and its biometric products are aggressively making inroads into the marketplace. Within our self-owned R&D center, a group of more than 60 research specialists and engineers are being engaged in developing and improving our various products. So far they have successfully developed a variety of new and innovative products that set the records of those fields in domestic as well as oversea markets. Dedicated to ceaseless technology innovation, Hanvon has attained the leading position nationally and globally within many product fields. Its Chinese character handwriting recognition technology, optical character recognition technology, and biometric fingerprint technology are Hanvon''s core products. Hanwang Technology invested USD14 million in total to establish the Hanvon Production Co., Ltd. The manufacturing facility of the company includes a 30,000 square meter plant on an 8.7 hectare campus, and has more than 250 employees. With the production capacity of 3 million sets per year, it is recognized to be the largest writing tablet production plant in the world. Since the first tablet was produced, a great variety of products have been created. The business card master, E-phone, Hanvon OCR, biometric fingerprint attendance recording system, vehicle license plate recognition system, bank document recognition system and ID card recognition system were all subsequent technologies. Attracted by our high quality of production and comprehensive services, Hanvon Production became a major OEM provider for a lot of famous companies in China such as Handsome, Greatwall, Lenovo, Haier, and Tsinghua Tonfang. In order to meet the increasing demand for digital products, Hanvon is unveiling its strong holdings to the world with its three patented core technologies of Handwriting recognition, optical character recognition, and biometric fingerprint recognition. We are providing drawing tablets, multi-language handwriting recognition products, OCR applications, and biometric products to over 30 countries and districts.

Business Information

  • Hanwang Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Trading Company
  • Hanvon pen series; drawing tablet series; OCR series and intelligent telephone series
  • 1993

Trade & Market

  • North America , South America , Eastern Europe

Factory Information

  • 5121 Zhongguancun Software Park, Beijing City. China Jinhua,Zhejiang
  • 101 - 200 People